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Alpine, UTNestled between the Box Elder and Lone Peak mountains, Alpine city is one of Utah’s prettiest.  Eagar Heating and Cooling has provided service to many of the beautiful homes in Alpine, UT since 1998. Alpine residents rely on Eagar Heating and Cooling to keep their A/C or heating units operating at peak performance.  Keeping your heating and A/C units working the best they can requires proper and regular maintenance.


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Services we Provide in Alpine, UTMop of Alpine, UT

  • Air Conditioning Installation and Repair
  • Furnace Installation and Repair
  • Fireplace Installation and Repair
  • Humidifiers
  • Water Heater Replacements
  • Basement Finishes
  • Air Purification System


When you partner with Eagar Heating and Cooling, you can expect:

  • Expert A/C & Heating Service. We tackle all of your air conditioning needs by repairing current equipment or replacing an old or broken unit with the best available up to date unit.
  • Top Brand. We install quality units from the most reliable brand Amana.
  • Better Performance and Lower Utility Bills. In many cases, our quality units can lower your energy costs by up to 70%.
  • Affordable Price. If there is one thing you can count on, it is that our prices are affordable.  We offer quality services for the most affordable price.

Air Conditioning Installation and Repair

In Utah there is no hiding from the scorching summer months.  Alpine, like any other city in Utah, can have hot summer days reaching 100 degrees or hotter. Eagar Heating and Cooling provides air conditioning services in Alpine Utah.  Our expert technicians are available to assist with any A/C install or repair needs.

When the summertime weather is at its peak, you do not want your air conditioning breaking down. When your air conditioning needs repair, we are happy to help you get your system back up and running. Common air conditioning repair issues are motors that have stopped working, frayed electrical wiring due to pests, and compressors that are blocked with dried yard debris. In many cases age can cause the unit to break down and require us to install a new air conditioning unit. Naturally, when the time comes to replace your air conditioning, we can give you an idea of which models work best for the size of your home as well as your budget expectations.

Furnace Installation and Heating Repair

As Alpine residents can attest, winter can be unbearable without proper heating equipment.  Because Alpine is located near the mountains the city is covered in snow for most of the winter months.  Keeping your furnace operating at peak performance is of utmost importance during Utah’s winter months.

Many homeowners and commercial property owners get themselves in hot water because they try to repair or install their own heating furnace. Instead, installing a new heating furnace in a home is hardly a DIY weekend project, and the safety of your home should be the priority. Although many property owners are excited to buy a new heating furnace to install in a commercial or residential situation, the instructions may not be as straightforward as expected.

With an installation from one of our heating professional technicians, we can get the job done right the first time and set you up for a warm winter.

Fireplace Installation and Repair

There aren’t many remodeling projects that will add beauty to the already beautiful homes of Alpine.  Fireplaces are one of the few upgrades that will add beauty and comfort to the already beautiful homes of Alpine.  We take even the oldest and outdated fireplaces and update them to look anything from rustic to modern.  Fireplaces are one of the best ways to upgrade your home for added comfort and charm.

Fireplaces are attached to chimneys and flues, and it makes sense to have them cleared or repaired regularly. In addition to having a chimney sweep come and remove creosote or dead birds from the smoke escape each year before winter, it pays to have the fireplace components checked as well. For example, gas fireplaces will need the same type of service and maintenance as a furnace. It is also ideal to have a regular inspection made of all of the working parts of your fireplace including the masonry.

Unfortunately, many home fireplace conversions from wood-burning to gas forget to check the hearth stones. In some cases, extreme or prolonged heating with a new gas stove on an old wood-burning fireplace surface can cause unexpected issues. One problem is naturally occurring cracks in the masonry in places that are hidden due to ash buildup. This can lead to charring in the lumber in the hearth or chimney, and this can cause the fireplace to crack or collapse unexpectedly. Other issues that we cover that concern fireplaces are wood-burning ranges. These unique pieces of equipment need regular inspection as well as the occasional metal seasoning for cast iron models.


When you want to have the highest air quality throughout the year, it pays to combat the drier seasons with humidifiers. Whether you have a smaller model in your home or an industrial-sized unit that helps heat and cool your commercial property, we have the skills you are looking for. In some cases, humidifiers are part of other sophisticated equipment, and this can mean the unit is used for medical reasons.

In other instances, humidifiers can be designed by engineers for a specific commercial property, and it might have high-tech gadgetry that stumps some HVAC pros. Regardless, our team will assign the right technician for the job, and your humidifier will not be a challenge for us to understand. In situations where the humidifier unit is no longer able to be repaired, we can recommend an energy-efficient model as a replacement.

Let us help you with your heating and cooling systems

From services such as AC repair air conditioning repair fireplaces furnace repair heater repair, we have the solutions you have been looking for. Of course, in order to keep your cooling and air units working well beyond the warranty date, we also offer maintenance and inspection services as a form of repair-prevention. To get started, give one of our friendly staff a call today. We look forward to hearing from our Utah customers, and thank you in advance for choosing us.

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